Lost in translation is the only phrase that comes to mind after reading the menu card from a restaurant in Saudi Arabia. As it happens when travelling to different countries, language can become a barrier when it comes to communication. But the effort of one restaurant in translating the item on its menu from Arabic to English has left netizens in splits.Also Read - Post COVID-19, Travel Will Resemble Scene From Sci-fi Movie And we Agree With Anand Mahindra

A post that was shared on Twitter by user Vlada from Canada showed a picture of the menu from a restaurant in Saudi Arabia which had on one side the dishes printed in Arabic and on the other in English. In her post, she did explain that the menu had been sent by someone who is stuck in a hotel in Saudi Arabia. Also Read - Warning! Do Not Try This at Home: Netizens Left Shocked as Man Casually Gives King Cobra a Bath

The name of the dishes on offer were unclear, but the menu did offer ‘Normal Doubt’, ‘Metal Suspicion’, ‘Dumping Thickness’, ‘Blindfolded, ordinary’, ‘Royal Blindfolded’, ‘A period of masters’, ‘My property’, A regular Erika’, ‘A luxury sofa’, ‘Boycotting cheese’, ‘She is suspicious of cheese’, ‘White eyes’, and the best one yet ‘Eggs of an oven’. You can even order ‘After one day’, ‘Not a problem’, ‘Foul metal’, and many other unforgettable dishes. Also Read - Onlookers Horrified as Drunk Man Tries to Drown Bear in Warsaw Zoo After Entering Its Enclosure

The picture has gone viral and it has garnered over 42k likes and has been retweeted over 19k times, with many people adding their own hilarious comments.

One person who read the post even shared a menu he had come across at another place, and it was equally hilarious.

Vlada did post an update later to say that the man has received help with the translation and is less confused and hungry. She also added a translated version of the menu in the same thread.