People these days are judgmental about each other, they try to judge the lifestyle, clothing, religious beliefs and everything. It is indeed very common for people to judge someone’s religious beliefs just going by the way someone dresses up. For instance wearing a Hijab is often regarded as a sexist symbol, something that is oppressive. But think before you judge, you can’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Also Read - YouTube Star James Charles Admits Messaging Minors, Says 'My Actions Were Wrong, I Apologise'

Well in this case, four women chose to do something they have never done before. They tried to embrace the head dressing called the hijab. The Buzzfeed team was game for an experiment to see people’s reaction by wearing Hijab for a day. (ALSO READ: Hijab vs no hijab: Woman walks for 10 hours in Manhattan, watch shocking reactions!) Also Read - YouTube is Experimenting with Hiding Dislikes in Response to Creator Feedback

They also approached Edina Lokovic, who is a director of Muslim Public Affair Council to shed some light about the same. Edina enlightened the women about how Hijab is not a symbol of oppression but, it is a symbol of modesty. It gives the right to women the symbol of intellectual ability over her physical beauty and sexuality. She also takes the women through a routine of properly wearing the Hijab. (ALSO READ: Things Muslims are tired of hearing from non-Muslims!) Also Read - 'Non-Hindus Not Allowed': Banners Put Up Outside 150 Temples in Dehradun by Hindu Yuva Vahini

Once the four women wear hijabs, they go about their daily activities; going out for lunch, taking public transportation and also taking a flight. Initially, they notice that some people do stare intensively, but as they started getting comfortable with the Hijab they noticed it a lot less. After this experiment, they were a lot less judgmental about Hijab and Muslim women, and they did manage to let go of the negative connotation about it. Check out the Buzzfeed video ‘Woman wear Hijabs for a day’ below.