YouTube, the popular video streaming channel seemed to be down for a few minutes this afternoon even as frustrated users tried every trick to get the videos to work. While initially many thought it was their internet connection perhaps, it soon became clear that it was not the connection that was down but the site.Different users reported different issues with the site and while for some, the site opened fine for others, while the site loaded, not all videos were visible. For some others, parts of the the video would suddenly freeze while watching them or new videos wouldn’t open and for a few it was the site itself that wouldn’t load!Also Read - YouTube Dislike Counts Unofficially Returns: Report

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Though the site wasn’t down for more than a few minutes (not more than 20 mins), people began to soon post updates with screen-grabs on Twitter trying to get the attention of folks over at YouTube. Clearly, someone noticed and the problem was instantly fixed. However, there has been no official statement from YouTube or any tweet from their end so far. The problem was apparently faced only by Indian users as no one else has made any reports via any social media channel. The YouTube team took action quick enough so for those who were not even aware of the problem, it blew away quickly enough. But then, what was exactly the issue YouTube? Not just the desktop site but even the app was down. Also Read - YouTube Starts Hiding Public Dislike Counts on All Videos

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YouTube has managed to gain much popularity in the country and all over the world for it’s ease of navigation and vast library storage. Be it the weekday work blues or just some entertainment or a simple way to ease boredom, YouTube has become the answer to every question.The website has millions of videos and is even responsible for giving birth to many YouTube artists and making people celebrities and virtual artists instantly. There are many who earned their fame and made their lives on YouTube. We’re so addicted to the channel that even a delay of a few minutes makes us all antsy and we get fidgety!

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