Video sharing site, YouTube has issued an apology after the autocomplete looked like it catered to paedophiles. A user shared a video grab where the words “how to” in the search bar had autocomplete suggestions like “how to tie a tie” to “how to make slime without glue”. And another autosuggestion read, “how to have sex with your kids”. There have been several such incidents in the past when YouTube served content that is should not ideally have. After the user tweeted the autosuggestions with a screengrab of it, YouTube apologised and said that the autocomplete has been removed. Also, the matter continues to be under investigation. Also Read - YouTube Removes Myanmar Army Channels; United Nations to Meet on Crisis

Parents get more control over what kids watch on YouTube

Parents get more control over what kids watch on YouTube

After it was brought to their notice, YouTube tweeted on Sunday saying,  “This is an awful autocomplete result and we really appreciate you making us aware. We’ve removed it and will continue to investigate what caused this!” Recently, multiple major advertisers suspended their advertising campaigns on YouTube after they found that their ads were displayed alongside videos of children dressed scantily. Apparently, the ads had millions of views because the videos had children in compromising situations. Reportedly, many comments on these videos were also pedophilic in nature. Also Read - Mumbai: Tuition Teacher Among 3 Arrested For Shooting, Sharing Obscene Videos on Pretext of YouTube Pranks

Here is the tweet:

Here is YouTube’s reply:

Major brands such as Adidas, Mars Inc., Diageo and Captain Morgan had suspended their ads. After being widely reported in the media, YouTube took down a lot of such content and said they would enforce community guidelines more strictly. Some of these videos showed kids as animated characters performing weird acts. It was then the autocomplete allegations on YouTube emerged. This has been the case of other social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.  The online social community has time and again led to cyberbullying including stalking, harassment and spread of malicious content. Unfortunately, there is no concrete plan by these billion-dollar making companies to curb these issues.