Former cricketer Yuvraj Singh shared a heartwarming video on Instagram in which a few policemen are seen offering food to a hungry man walking on the roadside. The video speaks volumes of the spirit of humanity and encourages all to stay united and extend a helping hand to those who are worst-hit by the nationwide lockdown to curb the growing spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Also Read - UK's Chief Nurse Makes Emotional Speech Asking People to Stay Inside For Aimee And Areema, Nurses Who Died From Coronavirus

The video has reportedly been shot at the Yelavi village of Sangli district in Maharashtra. The clip shows the policemen spotting the old man while patrolling the streets. One of them stops the bike and asks the old man how long had he been walking and did he have food or not. The cop, along with his fellow policemen, takes out his own tiffin and offers it to the man. The cop asks the man to sit comfortably, relax and have food for as long as he wants to. Another cop runs to fetch water for the old man and while he eats, the cops keep comforting him ensuring that he’s having food peacefully. Yuvi posted the video on Instagram with a beautiful caption that read, “This video is from my village YELAVI.. District: Sangli State: Maharashtra…thanks Yuvi for putting this❤️#StayHomeStaySafe #BeKind It’s heartwarming to see such act of humanity shown by these police men. Much respect for their act of kindness during these tough times and for sharing their own food.” (sic) Also Read - It Took a Virus to Clear The Air And Bring Out Best View of Himalayan Range

Offering food to a hungry man is considered the best deed of humanity. In these tough times when the entire world is fighting the deadly coronavirus, humanity and a little kindness is what we all need. How many people have you helped so far?