New Delhi: After Zomato’s latest advertisement featuring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif didn’t go down well with a section of social media users, the food delivery aggregator released a statement on Monday addressing the issue. Notably, netizens had called out Zomato’s ‘ill’ treatment of its delivery partners and urged the company to improve the monetary condition of its delivery executives, instead of hiring Bollywood celebrities for advertisements. Responding to the criticism, Zomato claimed that the ‘ads were well intentioned, but were unfortunately misinterpreted by some people.’Also Read - Viral Video: US 'Dancing Dad' Grooves to 'Chammak Challo' With Wife to Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary | Watch

According to Zomato, the ads were shot with an aim to highlight delivery partners as the hero and to reiterate that every customer is a star for them and no less than Hrithik or Katrina. It also says that the ads were meant to raise the level of dignity associated with a delivery partner’s job and highlight that we should talk respectfully to delivery partners.

Here’s the full statement:

For the unversed, the ad featuring Hrithik Roshan shows a delivery executive braving the rain to drop a parcel at his place. The actor calls him ‘Jadoo’ and praises the partners for consistently delivering packages in all weather conditions. He is seen asking the delivery agent for a selfie but another order comes up and the agent has to rush back .In the ad featuring Katrina, the delivery agent has no time to have a piece of birthday cake that Kaif offers him because he has to deliver another order.

Watch it here in case you missed it:

Not impressed by the ads, many criticized Zomato for glorifying delivery executives’ over-working and slammed the company for underpaying them. Many lamented how Zomato delivery partners do not have a minute to rest in between delivering orders.

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