Last week Zomato, the homegrown restaurant search, and food delivery platform was making headlines for sharing the ‘Ghar Ka Khana’tweet. It was so good that it triggered a viral trend on social media and different companies started using it opposite of what their services stand for. With the tweet, Zomato recommended its consumers that sometimes they should eat home cooked food instead of ordering from outside. Also Read - Now Change YouTube Channel's Name Without Editing Google Account

“Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye (Guys sometimes you should eat home cooked food),” read the post that went viral like wildfire in no time. Also Read - Zomato Rolls Out Priority Delivery For COVID Emergencies, But PLEASE Don't Misuse it

Many other companies started following the trend. For instance, Youtube suggested people put their phone aside at 3 AM and just sleep. MobiKwik, a digital wallet which takes pride in the fact that it lets people pay bills anywhere, anytime through their mobile phones, recommended its followers to go old school and stand in queues.

TVF (The Viral Fever), a popular YouTube channel, tweeted, “Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar pe TV bhi dekh lena chahiye (Guys sometimes you should watch TV at home).”

Smirnoff, a brand of vodka, asked its followers to drink water. “Guys, kabhi kabhi paani bhi pi lena chahiye (Guys, sometimes you should just drink water),” the company tweeted.

Radio city too joined the club and tweeted, “Guys, kabhi kabhi Car mai aux connect karke bhi songs sun lene chahiye (Guys, sometimes you should connect you aux in the car and listen to songs)

Taking a jibe at all those following the trend, Zomato recently posted a screenshot of tweets posted by various companies, and wrote, “Guys, kabhi kabhi khud ke acche tweet bhi soch lene chahiye. (Guys sometimes you should come up with original creative tweets”.

(With inputs from ANI)