If you are one of those people who are lazy about getting into a good fitness routine but love to go out and party, you are in luck. Getting and staying fit is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle but it doesn’t have to be a tough lesson in boredom. The hottest trend hitting the fitness world is that of going out—not for a stroll in the park but to a dance club.

Now, there are a number of unique and fun ways for everyone to shape up, no matter what your age or size! We round up some of the coolest and most offbeat ways to get into shape this season.

Verboten — Brooklyn, NY

Verboten [Photo Source: Verboten’s Facebook Page]

Willkommen Deep House Yoga at Verboten offers yoga classes with a unique difference—it has merged traditional yoga exercises with bright disco lights and electronic dance music. Surprisingly enough, Yoga classes at Verboten do focus on meditation, the inner being and tuning out the outside world. They just do so to the beat of some pretty exhilarating dance music.

The yoga instructor and a DJ work together to fine tune the classes and to make sure that each batch gets the best exercise—and atmosphere—possible. Not only is the music synced to the rhythm of the exercises, to help you get into the mood, soft, soothing images are projected on to the walls as well.

Two yoga classes take place on Monday and Tuesday nights at Verboten and a one-hour session will only set you back $20. If you go in for a package deal of five or 10 classes, you get a 20 percent discount.

RockSweat — Los Angeles, CA

RockSweat [Photo Source: RockSweat’s Facebook Page]

Evan and Diane Harrison, a couple in Los Angeles who is involved with both the music and the fitness industries, have come up with a unique way to get and stay in good shape. Their brainchild, RockSweat, combines an intense workout with a rock concert/club vibe.

The rush that you get from an impactful workout is doubled by the excitement of being in a concert, literally, since the sessions take place in the iconic Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip—complete with shimmering lights and a mind-blowing sound system. RockSweat also takes place at festivals and events.

Like Verboten, the team at RockSweat is completely in sync with a DJ playing the music, Diane leading the working from the stage and motivational videos of high impact outdoors activities being projected on a gigantic screen. The almost hour-long routine at RockSweat combines bits of cardio, pilates and yoga.

Back Bay Yoga — Boston, MA

Back Bay Yoga [Photo Source: Back Bay Yoga’s Facebook Page]

Black Light Yoga is another trend that is turning heads in the world of fitness. Back Bay Yoga Studio is an avid promoter of this particular type of hip-hop-yoga-style and offers a unique take on yoga poses, instructions and the perfect environment for a meaningful workout.

In Black Light Yoga classes, the lights are turned down and the music is turned up. If that is not enough to create an atmosphere of excitement, students are encouraged to wear whites and neons so that they glow in the dark during the workout session. With the lights out and the music thumping away, the idea is to “flow” through the course of the fitness routine.

Though unconventional in its take, Black Light Yoga offers plenty of space and time for students to experience the spirituality that a traditional routine is known for. Instead of silence and muted colors, just think neon in dark places and thumping, sexy trance and tribal house music—and forget the outside world. What adds to the tempo in the classroom is also the heat factor—he temperature in the studio is set at a balmy 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Black Light Yoga classes take place at the Back Bay Yoga Studio in Boston on Wednesday nights. Each session lasts about an hour and a half and the studio offers a signing up package of $25 for 14 days of their wide-ranging yoga sessions.